Analogue Systems - RS-170: Multiples

Analogue Systems - RS-170: Multiples

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Manufacturer Description:

One output for many inputs?
There are many occasions when you will want to direct a single CV or signal to multiple destinations, and for these applications you will need some form of signal 'splitter'. For example, you may wish to take a single signal, split it into two paths, and present the first to one VCA, while the second is further treated before being passed to a second VCA. This arrangement permits many complex audio effects such as panning and phasing, and one way to achieve it is to use an RS170 Multiple. One input from many outputs?

On other occasions, you may wish to mix signals before presenting them to a single input. If you wish to control the proportions in which this is done, you should use an RS160 or RS165 Mixer. If you simply wish to sum the signals, you can use the RS170 as a pair of passive 4-channel mixers with unity gain.

The RS170 offers two banks of five interconnected sockets. Each bank is hard-wired together in parallel and passive, so the module draws no power from the RS10 or RS15 power supply. A signal or control voltage may be applied to, or taken from, any socket. There are no distinctions between inputs and outputs.

Each bank can be used to distribute a single output to as many as four inputs. If you patch the banks together, a single output can be directed to seven inputs.

Conversely, each bank can be used to combine up to four outputs from multiple source modules, before presenting the result to a single input on another module. If you patch the banks together, up to seven outputs can be combined and presented to a single input.