Analogue Systems - RS-290/RS-295 Sampler/Delay + Expander (USED)

  • $499.00

*Module is in perfect working order*

Analogue Systems RS-290 Sampler/Delay is a voltage controlled delay and sampler module.

Stunning 46.9khz, 16bit, 5.5 second long stereo echo and delay with user assignable control of MIDI, analogue clocks, triggers, and CV Calculates the correct delay time to the incoming tempo. 50 user memories to create personal comb filter, flanging, chorus, pitch shifting and echo programmes. Can recreate bbd and tape echo effects and up to 29 seconds available in mono mode. 2 modes of delay are available Tape Delay and the recently developed Digital Delay. In sample mode the user can voltage control and trigger the source material in ways unavailable until now. Using the RS295 optional expander samples can be dumped and retrieved using Sys Ex dumps.

Power consumption: 360mA

Depth: 115mm

HP : 36

The RS-295 expands the RS-290 sampler/delay by a MIDI interface and a second assignable controller. Using the RS-295 samples can be dumped and retrieved using SysEx dumps. The module is connected to the RS-290 by a flat ribbon cable. See RS-290´s operation manual.

Depth: 20mm

HP : 6