Analogue Systems - Apprentice System 1

Analogue Systems - Apprentice System 1

  • $3,499.00

Manufacturer Description:

The System 1 is a readymade basic configuration by Analogue Systems consisting of modules needed for a well-equipped monophonic synthesizer with CV/gate control.

With the System 1 you can easily get bass and lead synth sounds as well as effect and drums sounds, all in pristine quality as you would expect of an Analogue Systems circuit.

This version of the System 1 comes in a 168hp Walnut Apprentice case,
meant to sit right above a French Connection keyboard / ring controller.

System 1 consists of the following modules:

2x RS-95e VCO
1x RS-100S VCF (Moog)
1x RS-110 VCF (Multimode)
2x RS-60 ADSR (Envelope)
2x RS-180 VCA (lin / log)
1x RS-85 VC-LFO
1x RS-160 CV-Mixer
1x RS-165 Signal Mixer (Audio)
1x RS-40 Noise-S&H-OSC
1x RS-20 Ring Mod / Multiple (1x4)
1x RS-170 2x5 Multiple
1x RS-230 CV-Buffer