Manikin Electronic - Berlin School Collection Sample Pack

Manikin Electronic - Berlin School Collection Sample Pack

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Manufacturer Description:

For many years the Manikin people have felt connected with the great music of the German electronic pioneers TANGERINE DREAM, KLAUS SCHULZE and ASHRA. Raised in the sixties and seventies in Berlin with the often unusual sounds of the so-called "Berlin School" Manikin Records dedicates itself to the maintenance and continuity of this music style.

Thus it was quite obvious to make these historic electronic sounds in a special BERLIN SCHOOL-Collection for the Memotron available to all fans of this musical genre. With the Tronexpert Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, whose collection amongst others contained two double manual Mk Vs of EDGAR FROESE and KLAUS SCHULZE as well as PETER BAUMANN's M 400, a big part of the original sounds of these heroes was available. Hajo Liese kindly lent his Arp Pro-Soloist synthesizer and the Elka Rhapsody 610 string machine for the synthetic TANGERINE DREAM noises.

The Berlin School Disk contains the following sounds:

01 KS String Section
02 KS Male Choir
03 KS Oboe
05 TD Flute
06 TD Grand Piano
07 TD Violins
08 TD Strings
09 TD Oboe II
10 TD 15 Choir
11 TD Female Choir
12 TD GC 3 Brass
13 TD GC 3 Brass+String Section+Moog Bass+8 Choir
14 ARP Pro-Soloist Country Guitar
15 ARP Pro-Soloist Trombone with Vibrato
16 ARP Pro-Soloist Tuba with Vibrato
17 TD ELKA Rhapsody 610 Piano-Clavichord
18 TD ELKA Rhapsody 610 Strings-Piano-Clavichord
19 TD ELKA Rhapsody 610 Strings-Violoncello
20 TD Special FX
21 TD FX Environment
22 TD FX Nature
23 TD FX Percussion
24 TD FX People