Bugbrand - Board Chirper

  • $250.00

A year after the original Chirper, a new 'Board' version arrives in compact and touch-plated form - welcome the Board Chirper!

Like the big brother, the Board Chirper is made up of just two oscillators and one filter - a simple setup perhaps, but which contains a surprising depth and quality of exploratory sound.

- Range of approx 0.1Hz to 40kHz
- Sweepable from Triangle to Square
- Cross-couple modulation between the two oscillators

- State-Variable 12dB/Oct with resonance up to self-oscillation
- Sweepable from LowPass to HighPass
- Variable input drive control from Osc1 (left side)
- Cutoff modulation from Osc2 (right side)

- Level control feeds transformer-isolated 1/4" mono jack output
- Powered by single 9V PP3 battery (included)
- 19 gold-plated touch points

The Board Chirper is presented as an uncased design on blue PCB measuring approx 8.5 x 5 inches.