Doepfer - A-186-1

Doepfer - A-186-1

  • $56.00

Module A-186-1 is a very simple, passive unit that combines up to 7 gate, trigger or analog signals by or-wiring.


  • if all seven inputs are low or open the output is low

  • if one or more of the seven inputs is "high" the output turns high


  • combination ("or"-wiring) of gate and/or trigger signals (e.g. from LFOs, sequencers, keyboards, Midi-to-CV interfaces, ribbon controller, theremin, trigger delays or any other source of gate/trigger signals

  • Maximum extractor for analog voltages: at the output the maximum voltage (minus ~ 0.7V because of the diodes) appears, similar function as the maximum output of the A-172 Maximum/Minimum Selector module, e.g. for simple waveshaping 

  • simple half-wave rectifier