Doepfer - LMK2+

  • $1,150.00

LMK2+ is a low cost Midi masterkeyboard with 4 keyboard zones, 2 wheels and after touch. It is suitable for all applications where the extraordinary masterkeyboard functions of the LMK4+ are not required but a high quality keyboard are indispensible.

The LMK plus series of MIDI Masterkeyboards established in the musician scene during the last few years. All keyboards of the LMK-plus series are equipped with the same high quality 88 keys piano-type keyboard TP/40GH with real hammer mechanics. This type of hammer mechanics does not compare to low cost hammer mechanics offered by some competitors (not only a simple metal lever beyond each key).

The most important features of LMK2+ at a glance:

high quality keyboard with real piano style action and hammer mechanics, 88 keys

black flightcase with handle and removable lid

Velocity resolution max. 127 steps resolution, depending upon selected velocity curve

8 velocity response curves 

2 wheels: the spring-loaded one is used for pitch-bend, the other can be assigned to any Midi controller from #0...#31 (e.g. #1 = Modulation)

3-digit LED display

8 menu-buttons with LED indicators

4 overlapping keyboard-keyboard zones. The following features can be defined/adjusted by the user in each of the 4 zones
  • upper / lower key
  • Midi channel (1...16)
  • any transposition in semitone increments/ decrements
  • selection of one of 8 velocity response curves
  • Controller number for wheel 2
  • wheel 1 on/off
  • wheel 2 on/off
  • after-touch on/off
  • foot switch 1 on/off
  • foot switch 2 on/off
  • foot controller on/off
  • Piano mode on/off (i.e. sending of a note-on event at minimal key motion)


Following video displays an aftermarket, and not included, product in tandem with the LMK2+.