Doepfer - Slim Starter System (Eurorack)

Doepfer - Slim Starter System (Eurorack)

  • $1,599.00

The Doepfer Slim Starter System is a 2 voice modular system using the new slim line modules to keep the system small and compact. This system is very capable of creating a wide variety of sounds and patches that can range from a full-on drum machine or a simple subtractive synth that offers a 100% modular workflow. This system caters to all skill level users ranging from a beginner who wants to learn modular synthesis to the highly skilled player who is looking to add a modular system to their studio.


System includes the following modules

A-111-3 x 2

A-138n x 2






A-130-2 x 2

Housed in a Doepfer A-100LC1V case