Synthetic Sound Labs - Model 1130: Double-Deka Ultrasonic VCO

Synthetic Sound Labs - Model 1130: Double-Deka Ultrasonic VCO

  • $499.00

Manufacturer Description:

Innovator and designer extraordinaire Ian Fritz has teamed up with Synthetic Sound Labs to bring you one of the most useful and flexible VCOs on the market - the SSL 1130 Double Deka VCO.

The Double Deka is a stable, wide range 1V/Octave VCO with incredible sonic versatility. Imagine "drawing" a 10 stage waveform using lighted front panel sliders. Now imagine two of these separate waveforms, each with a precisely stepped 6 octave range control that can also be externally voltage controlled. In addition, using a built in knob or external control voltage, you can cross-fade between the two waveforms. Add to this, two unique new types of sync, a funky digital ring modulator (DRM) type input, plus separate linear and exponential FM inputs, and you begin to see (and hear) the possibilities.

This unique VCO consists of an ultrasonic oscillator core followed by a parallel pair of waveform generators. Each waveform generator consists of a voltage controlled multi-octave divider, followed by circuitry to generate a 10-step waveform using a set of 10 slider potentiometers. Also included are a novel synchronization circuit with two different operating modes and a built-in "digital ring modulator" (DRM) for producing a wide variety of synchronized and anharmonic sounds. The oscillator core is highly stable (better than 20 ppm/K ) and features wide-range, accurate tracking (better than 0.05% over fifteen octaves). The variable waveform generator provides fine control over an enormous range of available timbres. The high frequency output of the "core" oscillator is provided for use in driving other frequency dividers.

Controls and Connectors
- Coarse Tune control
- Fine Tune control
- Exponential FM Level control
- Linear FM Level control
- Octave controls - lighted (x 2)
- Waveform controls - lighted (10 x 2)
- Output coupling (AC/DC) switch
- Linear FM Coupling (AC/DC) switch
- Sync Type (Harmonic / Anharmonic) switch
- 1V/Octave input
- Exponential FM input
- Linear FM input
- Sync input
- Ring Modulator input
- High Frequency core output
- Banks A & B outputs
- Octaves A & B inputs
- Mix CV input
- Mix output

Frequency Range
~1 Hz to 10 KHz. (Core: ~10 Hz to 100 KHz)

Nominally accept 10V PP.

Waveforms: +/- 5V, 10V P-P.
HF Out: 0 to +5V. ~1 Microsecond positive pulse.

+15V at 50ma, -15V at 52ma, +5V at 20ma, 6 pin Molex standard.

Height - 8.75"
Width - Three Moog Units (MU) - 6.75"
Depth - 2.9" behind panel