Elby Designs - Voltron 3-6-7 System

  • $11,500.00

A new take on the BoCGS with a higher SERGE content and some design variations - the Voltron 3-6-7 complete and ready to go. Includes a selection of 4mm Patch Leads.


Voltron 7 Panel

Compact VCO x 2

VC Multipliers

AC Mixer

Smooth & Stepped

Universal Slope Generator (USG)



Multi-Channel Stereo Mixer

Voltron 6 Panel

Dual Universal Slope Generator x 2

VC Multipliers

Resonant EQ

Matrix Mixer

Digital Reverb

Voltron 3 Panel

Gate Sequencer

4-Stage Programmer x 2

Step-Next-Row (SNR) x 2

Bi-Directional Router