Elektron - Model:Samples

  • $399.00

Elektron Presents “Model:Samples”

Rhythm is a Breeze. 

Model:Samples is a six-track sample based groovebox that packs a powerful punch and also fits into your backpack. Enjoy Elektron sequencer magic in our most affordable, compact, and lightweight instrument ever. Model:Samples ships with loads of pro quality samples and patterns to get you started—and has more than enough space for your own creations.  Straightforward operation. All controls are right at your fingertips.  

Create your Sound.

Model:Samples ships with 300 preset sounds curated by Splice.com, ranging from essential kicks, snares, and hi-hats to exotic, never-before-heard effects and strikes to chart new rhythmic waters. With a few quick tweaks, you can perfect and personalize any sample so it sounds just the way you want.  Use any of the expertly crafted custom sound packs included, or easily drop your own samples into it with the built-in microUSB port.

Total Hands-On Control.

Model:Samples features our most complete set of front panel controls, each function with its own knob. They're all right there; just grab a knob and twist it. Unleash your music spontaneously using the durable velocity-sensitive pads. Record your every move live, or design your rhythmic creation in detail using the superb Elektron sequencer.  

Ready to Go.

Each of the six sequencer tracks can output MIDI to control other machines. Now the Elektron method can empower any and all electronic music setups. At a mere 1.8lbs, Model:Samples lets you enjoy pro sound quality and sophisticated rhythm creation anywhere.  Be ready when inspiration strikes.




6 Audio tracks (all of which may be used as MIDI tracks as well)

6 × Velocity sensitive pads
96 Projects
96 Patterns per Project

1 × Sample playback engine per track
1 × Resonant multimode filter per track
1 × Assignable LFO per track
Delay and reverb send FX
Elektron sequencer (up to 64 steps) per track
Real-time or grid recording of notes and parameters
64 MB sample memory
1 GB storage
1 × 1/4" Headphones output
2 × 1/4" Balanced main outputs
1 × High Speed (mini) USB 2.0 port
1 × 3.5 mm standard audio minijack (TRS) for MIDI In
1 × 3.5 mm standard audio minijack (TRS) for MIDI Out/Thru
2 × slots for attaching Powerhandle BP-1 (to be released at a later date) 

In the box: 

Power Supply PSU-4
Micro USB Cable USB-2
MIDI adapter (5-pin to 3.5mm TRS minijack)