Elby Designs - EuroSerge Studio System

Elby Designs - EuroSerge Studio System

  • $2,999.99

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In partnership with Serge Tcherepnin and Ken Stone, Elby Designs are now producing the EuroSerge family of synthesizer modules from the Serge Modular Music System. ALL modules listed in this system are 4mm Euro Serge where one has the compactness of 3U format modules WITH the patching flexibility of 4mm banana jacks. YES, this system uses Banana Jacks throughout with a set of TRS balanced ¼” at the end for the audio signal. Also adapted and tuned for USA power.

Manufacturer Description:
The Elby Designs EuroSerge STUDIO SYSTEM is a self-contained, synthesis and sound design environment designed and configured by Noisebug in cooperation with Laurie Biddulph, using Serge circuits ranging from the ‘paperface’ era all the way to the ‘pre-STS’ era. The STUDIO SYSTEM, by itself, excels at drones, sound scapes , sound effects and more, with the main focus on tone-sculpting, modulation and sound-shaping. The EuroSerge STUDIO SYSTEM was visualized as a turn-key synth voice, ready to drop right in to your existing setup, using the sequencer of your choice. The STUDIO SYSTEM utilizes all the available EuroSerge tone-sculpting and sound-shaping circuits available, with a large helping of the iconic Serge Modulators. Add to that, 4mm Cliff Banana jacks, authentic Davies knobs, an ergonomic Elby Studio 500 case to house the system and a competitive price point, you’ll be wondering when you can get your hands on one.

The Elby Designs EuroSerge PERFORMANCE SYSTEM contains the following:

Studio 500 Case

[top row]
ES20 1973 VCO
ES20 1973 VCO
ES04 VC-Multiplier 1
ES17 VC-Multiplier 2
ES18 VC-Multiplier 3
ES10 Triple Waveshaper
ES08 Audio Mixer
Power Panel

[bottom row]
ES75 Voltage Controlled Slope
ES15 Smooth & Stepped Generator
ES114 Universal Slope Generator
ES07 1973 VCF
ES22 Resonant Equalizer
ASM306 Audio Out

The Elby Designs EuroSerge STUDIO SYSTEM is only available at NOISEBUG.NET !!