Eventide - Eclipse Multi-Effects Processor

Eventide - Eclipse Multi-Effects Processor

  • $1,995.00

Manufacturer Description:

Up to ten times the processing power of the legendary H3000 series.

The Eventide Eclipse Multi-Effects Processor offers up a full complement of Eventide's signature pitch change, reverb, and special effects program presets; and a dual processor architecture that is configurable in series, parallel, stereo, or dual mono. Audio performance features 24-bit conversion, 96kHz sampling, and signal-to-noise better than 104dB. Digital S/PDIF and AES/EBU I/O, analog balanced and unbalanced I/O, and ADAT lightpipe support. Compact Flash Type I and II preset memory storage. It also offers the Eventide "knob," full numeric keypad, and customizable "hot keys" for frequently used parameters to combine maximum flexibility and ease of operation.

Eventide Eclipse Multi Effects Processor Features:
Provides pitch change, reverbs, and special effects presets
Dual engine architecture
24-bit conversion
96kHz sampling
104dB S/N
S/PDIF and AES/EBU digital I/O
ADAT lightpipe support
Balanced and unbalanced analog I/O
Flash Type I and II preset memory storage
Full numeric keypad
Hot Keys for frequently used parameters