Ezhi and Aka - Terverb *USED*

  • $299.00

Manufacturer Description:

 is a lo-fi ambient reverb with long decay, drone and feedback capabilities providing very natural long cave reverb sound and orchestral wideness. It features three reverb bricks pushed nearly to their limits to achieve maximum decay time and a tapish vibrato/tremolo modulation to destroy those reverb tails.

Message from the Manufacturer:

ezhi&aka was started as a pedal building hobby of two friends. Their nicknames gave the future company its name.

Now it’s me, Alexey Kruglov, who develops, tests and builds pedals in Yaroslavl, Russia.

I focus on unique sounds, new possibilities and creative usefullness of our products.

The main philosophy behind the designs is trying to create strange but useful sounds using the limited possibilities old 90s chips provide.


To learn more about the man behind the pedals please go to https://ezhiandaka.com/story/