Flame - Arpeggiator 2013 and x-2013 (set)

Flame - Arpeggiator 2013 and x-2013 (set)

  • $460.00

arpeggiator-2013 module
the module is a two-channel arpeggiator with separate analogue outputs for notes and two optional movable outputs for the sequence clock and the velocity. both arpeggio tracks (referred to as "arp" and "bass") plays notes also via midi-out (different midi-channels 1 and 2). the first four notes of the arp track note buffer forms the chord. the chord analogue outputs are the cv-outputs 1-4 (notes 1-4). the midi-channel of the transmitted chord is channel 3.

use the module-keyboard for setting the chord/scale notes. the one octave of the module-keyboard can move over four octaves (keyzone). it�s possible to load preset chords/scales and user defined chords/scales (organized respectively 16 user patches u01..u16).

the arpeggiator mode included 9 arpeggio play modes with additional different running directions, like up, down, updown, downup and different variations of noterepeats.

you can control functions (as well as arpeggio-mode, noterepeat, octave-range, sequence-pattern, transpose ore others) via cv-inputs. two cv-inputs (user-1 and user-2) can be set with individual functions.

the internal sequencer can be synchronized from external midi-clock or external trigger clock. the module included two midi-clock divider for incoming or transmitted midi-clock (halftime playing sequencer and/or external sequencers).

each of all 10 sequencer tracks (arp, bass, x-out 1-8) include a clock divider (based of internal or external midi-clock ticks) and/or a different sequence pattern.

the cv-input list can be easy control the both arpeggio tracks arp and bass. the 12 list places can be use for auto-playing different chords/scales of arp and bass tracks with separate keynotes (chord/scale sequencer).

all individual settings can be saved permanently (to the internal eeprom).

x-2013 xpander-module
the x-2013 module features additional 8 clock/gate outputs and the jacks for midi-in, midi-out and midi thru. the 8 clock/gate outputs can be used like 8 independently clock divider or sequencer tracks with internal or external midi-clock. each output features different sequence-pattern, clock or gate of the track and send a fix midi note on midi channel 10.

note: both modules ship together as a set for the listed price, but you can use the arpeggiator-module without the x-2013 module, without midi-options and the additional clock outputs.

firmware versions can be loaded with the provided usb programming adapter (only with pc with atmel flip).

click here for the user manual.