Flame - Joystick Recorder

Flame - Joystick Recorder

  • $169.00

The module can record the joystick movement to a length of about one minute. The sequence remains stored in the battery-backed RAM after switching off. When playing back the sequence, the playback speed can be manipulated.

There is a FREEZE function to hold the current joystick position. Also there are an external reset input. In addition, when moving outside the center position, a GATE is set and an additional positive CV voltage (summation of X and Y) is output in dependence. A GATE / START input is used for resetting or recording in sync.

The ranges of the X / Y output voltages are bipolar adjustable from approx. +/- 5v or unipolar from approx. 0 to + 10v. Both channels X and Y have a passive attenuator potentiometer, so that the voltage range can also be set lower.

CV-Out-X: CV output X-axis bipolar or unipolar
CV-Out-Y: CV output Y-axis bipolar or unipolar
CV-OUT MOVE: CV output joystick movement 0..+5v
Trigger-In: Trigger input Reset/Start
Trigger-out: Trigger output Reset/Start signal ca. 10ms length
Gate-ACTIVITY: Gate output joystick movement  

3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
Powerconsumption: 50mA +12V, 5mA -12V