Flame - Vocorder

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Product information "Flame - Vocorder"

Analog vocoder and digital CV recorder

Vocorder is composed of three blocks: The analysis block consists of 8 bandpass filters with one envelope follower per band. The 8 envelopes are passed on in the second block, the digital AD/DA converter with looper, freez, rewire and filter cutoff function, where they can be recorded, processed and looped. The last block in the chain is used for synthesis and is composed of 8 bandpass filters, 8 VCA's, a digital VCO and a noise generator. The analysis and synthesis blocks each have an audio input for applying carrier and modulation signals respectively. The internal looper can record up to 3.5 minutes and output the material with variable playback speed, playback behavior (loop, one-shot, gate), direction and with variable start and end point. With the help of the Rewire parameter, the envelopes from the analysis block can be assigned to different VCAs in the synthesis block, which allows interesting spectral effects to be achieved.



Per Salzwedel provides some of the finest CV recording devices in the eurorack universe. The recent (non-modular) Mäander desktop synth does not leave anyone indifferent either.