Free State FX - Black Box 22: Passive

Free State FX - Black Box 22: Passive

  • $849.00

Manufacturer Description:

FSFX 112 Power Input Features

Connection between the FSFX 112 Power Input and the FSFX 111 Power Supply is via a 4 ft. 4-pin XLR cable. Cable included.

Three relays, one for each power rail, are used to turn power on to the cabinet. An automatic time delay circuit is used to power each cabinet on one at a time. The delay time is adjustable behind the panel. The power delay reduces in rush current (a common problem with large modular systems)

Status LED for each power rail.
(2) Active Multiples - 1 Input to 4 Output.

Black Box 22 Features

Turn-key solution to begin or expand upon your modular synthesizer journey.
Holds 22 MU modules total. Since a power module is included with each Black Box 22, there is room for 21 additional modules.
Removable lid.
Constructed out of 7-ply Birch plywood. Excellent strength to weight ratio.
Solid maple module mounting rails drilled at standard MU spacing. The module mounting rail is offset in to the cabinet 1 inch.
Black Oxide module mounting screws with black plastic washers pre-mounted.
Three layers of Duratex textured coating.
Handle, butterfly latches, hinges, and corner protection made by Penn Elcom. Finished in a flat black powdercoat.
(2) FSFX Power Bus PCBs each with 11 power headers (dotcom standard).
(12) Two foot long power cables (dotcom standard).
Approximate 6 in. of depth behind panel.
Overall dimension: Height = 20 in. Width = 25 in. Depth w/ Lid = 11 in. Depth w/o Lid = 9 in.