Free State FX - H9 Core [Moog Format]

  • $650.00

The H9 Effects Processor is simply a Eventide H9 Harmonizer® re-housed for the MU synthesizer format.

*Protective plastic was left of the display window during photography.

Module requires the use of the original Eventide Power Supply (included).


Eventide H9 Core Multi-effects Pedal Features: 
  • A more affordable version of the H9 that comes loaded with fewer effects algorithms
  • Includes original H910 and H949 pitch and delay effects algorithms plus 30 presets
  • Compatible with all H9 algorithms, which are available as in-app purchases in the editor/librarian app
  • Controllable via the H9 Control software on Windows, OS X, or iOS (wirelessly via Bluetooth)
  • Share algorithms between up to 5 H9 pedals (including the original H9) one your account