Free State FX - Stereo Balanced Out LE

  • $449.00


Here is a little backstory about how we came up with the design…

I recently purchased a new Lynx audio interface and have been thrilled with the upgrade. However, the audio cables connecting my synthesizer to my new interface are now 25 feet long. The cables are also near, and occasionally passing over, line level power cables. For these reasons I felt like fully balanced audio cables were the best solution to connect the modular to the interface.

Audio transformers are a time tested and incredibly reliable means of converting an unbalanced audio signal to a balanced audio signal. After trying a dozen or so variations of designs published on the Jensen Transformers website, we settled in on a simple design that offers the least amount of insertion loss, as well as the ability to attenuate the signal pre-transformer.

Throughout my 11+ years journey building studio equipment I have collected an assortment of audio transformers and have accumulated more Jensen JT-11P-1 transformers than I could ever hope to use in my own studio. Since I have all these lovely Jensen’s here, let’s put them to good use for this batch of Stereo Balanced Outputs modules. These transformers are either NOS, or very gently used. We plan on making more Stereo Balanced Outputs modules, but future batches will use a different make/model of transformer as I only have a limited number of these Jensen transformers available.

If you have a similar setup as myself, and I am guessing that most of us do, then I can think of no better means to connect your modular synthesizer to your audio interface. – Jason Fry


  • Fully Passive Design
  • 2x Jensen JT-11P-1 Audio Tranformers
  • 2x Unbalanced Inputs via Switchcraft ¼” Jacks
  • Stereo Level Control
  • 2x Balanced Outputs via Neutrik Gold Plated XLR Jacks
  • Module Depth = 2.75 in. (70mm) Behind Panel
  • Current Draw: 15V = 0; -15V = 0; 5V = 0