Free State FX - Sustainar LE

Free State FX - Sustainar LE

  • $349.00

The Free State FX Sustainar LE is a limited-edition MU module that brings the heavy flavors of fuzz/distortion/clipping to the modular synthesizer workflow. In a nutshell, the module is a custom voiced Big Muff PI/Elk Sustainar circuit with some additional circuitry to allow it to play well at synthesizer levels.

Sustain Control: Sets the level of the signal being fed into the clipping stages. Gentle Lowpass and Highpass filters are implemented in front of the clipping stages to bandlimit the clipping to the midrange of the signal.

Tone Control: Shifts the tonal focus of the module from the low-mids (10), to a more neutral and open sound (5) and then to the upper midrange (0). Every setting on the tone knob is musical and useful.

Level Control: Sets the Output level of the signal.

Effect On/Off: True Bypass via beefy rotary switch with silver contacts.

Module Width: 1u MU format

Module Depth: 2.875 in.

Current Draw: 15V = 6mA; -15V = 2mA; 5V = n/a 

Limited Edition Run of 10 units