Free State FX - FSFX 113: All-In EG

  • $300.00

Manufacturer Description:

The FSFX 113 is a Trigger Modifier and Envelope Generator. The All-In EG circuit was designed by Ian Fritz in 2008, and remains popular with modular synthesizer enthusiasts due to it's unique features.

The upper half of the module processes a monostable input (more commonly referred to as a trigger) in two distinct ways: 1) by adding a delay to the rising edge and 2) controlling the width or "on" time. The LED indicates the length of the pulse delay.

The output of the trigger modifier circuit is internally routed to trigger the envelope generator section of the module.

The envelope generator is a basic two stage design with an attack stage, and a decay/release stage. The behavior of the second stage is dependent on the width of the signal triggering the envelope. A trigger input will create a decay response. A gate input will create a release response.

This module pairs incredibly well with the Lopass Gate. Sending the MONO OUT to the CV IN of the Lopass Gate allows new techniques and timbres while 'pinging' the LPG.