STG Soundlabs - Graphic Sequencer

STG Soundlabs - Graphic Sequencer

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Manufacturer Description:

Unlike other CV sequencers this microprocessor-controlled graphic sequencer uses illuminated faders to set the step voltages. Sequence length can be adjusted from one to eight and the sequencer can operate either in loop or one shot modes.

Red illuminated faders are used for setting the step voltage from 0 to 5V. At clock speeds in audio range you can use the faders t draw waveforms, similar to a graphic oscillator. The length of the sequence can be adjusted fro one to eight steps with a rotary switch. If the sequencer loos or if it plays only once can be set with the "at end"-switch. changes won't become active until the next cycle, which is very useful in a live context to allow more dynamic planning. Resetting the sequencer to step 1 is possible by a gate signal at the "stage 1 input". The "stage 1 output" generates a 5V gate signal when reaching the first step.

With the optionally available module Time Buffer you can synchronize up to eight Graphic Sequencers to a DIN Sync signal. The "division" switch at the Graphic Sequencer selects if the module runs in quarter, eighth or sixteenth-note rate. Chenges of this parameter will not take effect until the unit returns to stage one.

The module requires ONLY a 5V operational voltage. make sure the power supply of your system generates this voltage.

Inputs: "shift input" (=clock input), "stage 1 input" (= reset input)
Outputs: "stage 1 output" (=step 1 gate out), "voltage output" (=sequencer CV output) dimensions

3U Eurorack module, 14HP wide

It needs only a +5V voltage to operate!

Weight 0.3 kg