Free State FX - FSFX 104: Haible Resonators

Free State FX - FSFX 104: Haible Resonators

  • $325.00

Manufacturer Description:

A classic reborn. The Haible Resonators recreates the 'Resonator' section from the famous Moog Polymoog synthesizer. This circuit was designed by DIY synth legend Jurgen Haible.


Four modes of operation: Lowpass, Bandpass, Notch, and Highpass

Independent Control of Dry Level and Resonator Level

Clip LED Indicator for the Resonator Level

Three Independent Filters

Gain, Cutoff Frequency, and Emphasis Level for Each Filter

Two Audio Inputs

1% Resistors (throughout) and 5% Capacitors (in filter section) for a high level of matching between units