Haken Audio - ContinuuMini

  • $1,149.00

Haken Audio - ContinuuMini


The ContinuuMini has been designed to be a portable and more affordable version of Haken Audio's larger Continuum Fingerboards. The ContinuuMini is fun to play, has the same sound engine as the larger Continuums, and delivers it’s own unique and rewarding musical performance experience.


The ContinuuMini shares some features with the Continuum Fingerboard:

  • Temporal Accuracy: 700µSec
  • Pressure Sensivity: Hall-effect sensors
  • Pitch Sensivity: Can roll fingers for super-fine pitch adjustements
  • EaganMatrix Synthesis: Tight timbre feedback loop

The ContinuuMini's polyphony and computation power is the same as a L2x Continuum.

The ContinuuMini provides duotactic play, with a pitch reference display for each note.

Standalone preset selection and parameter modification is possible via a 4-button menu interface.

Standalone operating instructions are included on the bottom of each unit.

When connected to a computer, the Coninuum Editor and EaganMatrix editing are supported.

The ContinuuMini is USB-powered (rated at 500mA, actual use ±210mA)