Happy Nerding - 3x Stereo Mixer

  • $100.00

3x stereo mixer is a high quality 3 channel stereo mixer with manual volume controls. total mix left and right outputs available on separate jacks, plus l&r stereo jack can be used to route the mix via single stereo cable or drive the headphones. channels 1 and 2 can be muted with the relative switches. left and right led indicators available for all three channels.

all left channel inputs normalled to be used as mono inputs.

several 3x stereo mixer modules can be chained together via connections on the back side. this connection is possible with other happy nerding stereo modules too. at the moment panmix jr and 3x stereo mixer can be connected in both ways. also their stereo outputs can be internally sent to the isolator module. or stereo signal can be received from out and latest revision of panmix.

50 ma +12v
50 ma - 12v
35 mm depth
6 hp wide