Happy Nerding - Out

Happy Nerding - Out

  • $180.00


A clever analog interface for little money –The Out features two stereo input sections with two connectors (left / right) each. One of these stages is equipped with a volume potentiometer. Inside the module, audio material coming from both input stages gets mixed. The resulting stereo signal can be tapped at two balanced 6.3 mm connectors as well as a headphone output. The volume of sum and HP channels is separately adjustable.
A jumper allows users to add signal amplification to one of the input sections. Thanks to this feature, the Out is not only usable to convert audio material from modular to studio level, but also vice versa. The module’s sound is clean and unadulterated.



The Out comes equipped with two input stages, each featuring two connectors (left / right). One of these sections can be adjusted in its level via a potentiometer. Using a jumper on the circuit board, it is possible to add signal amplification (10x). After passing through the input stages, audio material gets summed up. The resulting stereo signal is emitted by two balanced 6.3 mm connectors (left / right) as well as a headphone port. A concentric dual potentiometer allows users to adjust the level of sum and HP channels separately. Additionally, the headphone channel's maximum amplification can be altered via jumpers. LED meters visualize the volume at the balanced outputs.


Four audio inputs (2x left / 2x right)
Two balanced audio outputs
Headphone output


3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide. Compatible with Skiff cases.