Happy Nerding - Super Sawtor

Happy Nerding - Super Sawtor

  • $165.00


The Super Sawtor produces a unisono effect with plenty of harmonic content from the incoming waveform. It adds a number of detuned harmonics to the original signal and sounds like Roland's supersaw from the JP-8000.



Unlike a "sawtooth animator" the Super Sawtor doesn't simulate several phase-shifted oscillators creating an ultra-wide sound but it adds harmonics to the input signal. Best results are achieved when using a sawtooth at the input, resulting in a supersaw, but the module works well with other waveforms, too.
The Spread parameter sets the amount of the detune of the new harmonics, both manually and voltage controlled. The Mix potentiometer controls the effect amount.
The module is entirely analog and has no aliasing or whatsoever.


Audio in, Spread-CV in, audio out


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 30mm deep
Current draw 45mA at +12V and 45mA at -12V