Light in my Garden - Ribbon Synth

  • $699.00

The Ribbon Synth is a 2 oscillator fully analog monophonic synthesizer with a ribbon styled keyboard and built in reverb. This synth is comprised of various makers pcb's to form a fully functioning synthesizer all housed in clear plexiglass allowing the user to peer into the circuitry. The synths functions are as follows - (refer to photo diagram)

A & B. Pitch of oscillator 1 & 2. Two identical oscillators with saw waveform, have a coarse pitch knob and CV in to external control (eurorack compatible).

C. Filter cut-off. A resonant low pass filter with cut-off knob control. Resonance is a preset internal trimpot. Also have a CV in to external signals.

D. VCA, Linear. VCA with level knob control and controls for attack and decay. Also has an external CV in.

E & F. Attack and Decay Envelope generator AD type, to control the VCA. The push button triggers the AD, also a gate input for external triggering.

G. Frequency of LFO

H. Reverb level. This effect is a echo-verb type, it is recommended to put in the maximum level. It is sounds low but this is normal in this circuit.

I. Reverb feedback. This knob controls the feedback level.

J & K. LFO triangle & square attenuator The triangle and square waveform of the LFO have independent attenuators.

L & M. Destination of triangle & square LFO. The LFO has 4 destinations: FM of oscillators, linear FM of oscillators, cut-off and VCA. Initial position of these knobs is 12 o'clock.

N. Ribbon Attenuator. This attenuator is the amount of the ribbon controller output to the oscillators. If you tweak in max level the ribbon works in a wide range. Ribbon can be played as a variable pitch source.

O. Trigger AD ENV. This pushbutton triggers the envelope generator that is controlling the VCA. You can momentary trigger or maintain the envelope “open”.

P. VCO pitch in. External control to pitch VCO's.

Q. Gate in. External gate input for triggering the AD ENV.

R. VCF frequency in. External control over VCF cut-off.

S. VCA amplitude in. This CV in is to modulate AM (amplitude modulated).

General specs.

- AC 110V input

- Main out 1/4"

- Power on/off

- Acrylic panels

- CV ins 1/8”