Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo RED MIDI/MPE Pad Controller (B-STOCK)

  • $175.00

Open Box (Includes all original packaging)

Keith McMillen QuNeo RED

Redesigned with an ultra-durable ABS-polycarbonate red enclose, the QuNeo RED is an update to the beloved pad controller from Keith McMillen. This unique controller now features MPE support and can map instantly to your favorite MPE software and hardware.

Versatile and unique, the QuNeo is perfect for electronic musicians, DJs, as well as video artists who need something simple to use, compact, and has a plethora of interface options. Every pad, switch, slider, and rotary control is pressure sensitive, which makes for an incredibly expressive experience. The 16 square pads provide 127 levels of pressure sensitivity and X/Y location, nine touch sliders can be mapped for effective use of effects, faders, and the horizontal sliders can set start and end points with two fingers. You can use the switches to change between four different groupings of faders and rotaries, so you're not limited to what you see.

The options are endless with plentiful presents, scripts, and the ability to code your own unique workflow with the QuNeo. On top of the software flexibility, the hardware is designed to be virtually indestructible with no moving parts that break or wear out. The QuNeo is also the same dimensions as an iPad, allowing most accessories (i.e. cases, stands) to be used with it. If you haven't already, this update is the perfect reason to add the QuNeo RED to your studio.

QuNeo RED Features

  • Fully customizable MIDI controller ideal for electronic musicians, DJs and VJs
  • MPE support
  • 16 Pads with 127 levels of velocity response, X-Y location and continuous pressure control
  • 2 Rotary sensors to scrub, trigger, stretch, pinch and play phrases and sound files, manipulate continuous controllers and more
  • Each rotary sensor measures angle, pressure and distance from the center
  • 9 Touch-sensitive sliders can be mapped to fader and effects controls
  • LEDs in each slider can act as VU meters for audio levels, or a reminder to where you left off
  • Multi-touch lets you select a length between two fingers to set stereo locations or filter resonances
  • Switches are located in smart groupings to select samples, fader banks, and transport controls
  • Scan up and down through files with touch pressure
  • Conveniently sized the same as the iPad, allows the controller to fit into most iPad accessories