Keith McMillen Instruments - QuNexus RED

  • $199.00

Product Description:
QuNexus marks the next generation of music production – the most
playable, portable, and powerful MIDI keyboard controller on the
market. 25 pressure-sensitive silicone keys and LED illumination
make the road-proof QuNexus uniquely interactive and fun to
play. QuNexus also features a layer of Smart Fabric under every
key that detects your finger pressure, tilt, and velocity,
giving you unprecedented control. Each key sends a unique CC#
for pressure and finger tilt, Polyphonic Aftertouch and
Polyphonic Pitch Bend, providing a world of sound in every key.
QuNexus can connect to nearly any device with the KMI CV Cable
Kit or KMI MIDI Expander (each sold separately).

Product Dimensions:
12.8” x 3.3” x .4”

32.5cm x 8.3cm x 1cm

11.2 oz.