Vermona - Kick Lancet

Vermona - Kick Lancet

  • $279.00

Manufacturer Description:

The Kick Lancet is a handy analogue percussion synthesizer with priority to kick-drum sounds – you might have expected this.

Sound Generation

The heart of the Kick Lancet’s sound structure is an analogue oscillator that produces sine- and square waves, which can be blend seamless from one to the other. Two independent envelope generators with a decay/release phase can modulate the oscillator’s frequency and the VCA. Additionally the VCO pitch can be modulated by the fast LFO (3Hz to 3kHz, triangle). Noise and a pulse signal can be added in the MIXER section. And we have a BALLS controller for making it really big.


The Kick Lancet can be triggered by MIDI but beside that there are three different trigger inputs:

* GATE: A gate impulse can trigger the Kick Lancet in normal way, with additional accent or completely dynamical depending on the incoming voltage.
* SWITCH: Simply short current trigger (i.e. momentary foot switch).
* AUDIO: Offers the possibility to trigger the Kick Lancet by an audio signal – static or dynamically. Also drum pads can be connected here.

Technical Specifications


* DECAY – controls decay time of VCA
* PITCH – oscillator frequency
* BEND – envelope intensity (pitch)
* TIME – BEND envelope speed
* FM FREQ – LFO frequency
* FM INT – LFO intensity (pitch)
* ATTACK – adds a pulse to the signal
* NOISE – adds noise to the signal
* WAVE – mixes between sine- and square waveform
* BALLS – more fatness!


* MIDI (note number an channel can be assigned freely)
* SWITCH Trigger
* AUDIO Trigger
* GATE voltage (dynamically)

Measurements & Weight

* width: ca. 210 mm
* depth: ca. 145 mm
* height: ca. 55 mm
* weight: ca. 600 g