LA Circuits - EM-401 Après Dix

LA Circuits - EM-401 Après Dix

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EM-401 Après Dix Multimode Filter is a quadruple parallel filter module.

Après Dix utilizes a robust OTA-integrated state variable filter design, wherein multiple feedback paths produce four simultaneous filter response outputs.

The module features the following curve responses:

  • 24dB/oct low-pass

  • 24dB/oct high-pass

  • 12dB/oct band-pass

  • 12dB/oct notch

The circuitry to generate the cutoff frequency control current is formed using a robust exponential current converter with temperate compensation.

The Frequency control has a wide range of 10 Hz to 50 KHz.

The module provides exponential CV inputs both for a fixed 1 V / Oct and for variable frequency modulation. The F.M. Depth control knob functions as both a CV attenuator and polarizer.

The EM-401 is also equipped with insert functionality for achieving resonance feedback loops-via the Res In and Res Out sockets. This design architecture allows one to insert other synthesizer modules into the resonance path (e.g. voltage-controlled resonance; incorporating buck-et-brigade devices or phaser effects) in order to generate striking modular soundscapes.

A unique feature of the Après Dix filter module, is its ability to take it up to 11.

In other words, when the Resonance control potentiometer edges close to 11, the filter's regeneration intensity wiII enter into a state of complete self-oscillation, which in turn will produce a sinu-soidal waveform.



Model: EM-401

SKU: 400-0401

Dimensions: 14 HP (3U)

Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power: +/-12V | 60 mA



1-Year Limited Warranty

Notice to customer: Please use the enclosed IDC connector. Problems arising from use of another connector will not be covered and may void your warranty. Modifications or alterations to your module will void the warranty as well. For assistance please contact