LA Circuits - Après Dix

LA Circuits - Après Dix

  • $345.00

EM-401 Après Dix Multimode Filter is a quadruple parallel filter module. 

  • 24dB/oct low-pass

  • 24dB/oct high-pass

  • 12dB/oct band-pass

  • 12dB/oct notch

It features 4 simultaneous filter outputs and expansive CV inputs. A unique feature of the Après Dix Multimode Filter, is its ability to take it up a notch… it goes up to 11.



Model: EM-401

SKU: 400-0401

Dimensions: 14 HP (3U)

Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power:  +/-12V | 80 mA