LA Circuits - Chronograph (COMING SOON)

LA Circuits - Chronograph (COMING SOON)

  • $1,800.00

The EM-6A Chronograph Sequential Rhythm Generator is the result of two years of in-depth research of analog vintage step sequencers. The device features:

  • Start/Stop, Skip and Reset buttons with independent CV inputs.

  • Three rows of 8-step CV generators with individual CV ranges and CV outputs for each row.

  • An internal clock with an external CV input and clock output.

  • External clock input with manual step functionality

  • LED lamp indicators for each step position.

  • LED lamp indicators to illuminate trigger status.

  • A versatile frequency detector and divider circuit, which generates square wave signals derived from the frequency transmitted to its signal input jack.

  • The clock divider section provides five outputs and five corresponding LED indicator for visual representation of the output rhythmic patterns.

  • A sequential switch section, allowing the user to select a specific input to be routed to a specific module chain. This process may be accomplished via clock or via manual switching.

  • End Pulse output functionality.


Model: EM-6A

Product SKU: 006-0006A

Dimensions: 84 HP (3U)

Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power: +/- 12V | 94 mA