LA Circuits - Moon Jock

LA Circuits - Moon Jock

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The EM-201 Moon Jock Envelope Generator is a highly versatile four-stage ADSR module. This envelope generator has an extremely ‘snappy’ attack response time of 0.4ms, and a maximum response time of 12s.  Its  decay and release response times carry a minimum response time of 2.5ms and a maximum response time of 22s.  Moon Jock also provides individual CV inputs for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release.                                                                

- The Level knob functions as an attenuverter, which combines attenuation and polarity inversion in one control.

- The generator varies from 0V to +10V. The module offers expansive voltage control for Trigger, Gate, Decay, and Release parameters.  

- The positive-going edge of any waveform presented to the TRIG-RETRIG IN input is treated as a trigger pulse.  When the voltage of any waveform presented to Gate In input reaches +1V, it is treated as a gate that is held open until the voltage drops below +1V.

- The Auto-Repeat feature captures and cycles the output as determined by the Attack and Decay stages.  In doing so, the module can also function as a low-frequency oscillator.  The frequency of the LFO is determined by the time lapse of a single Attack-Decay cycle.  Therefore, the Attack and Decay controls can be used to control the repeat rate.

- The minimum repeat rate is approximately 0.02 Hz, and the maximum repeat rate is approximately 350 Hz.

- In Gated Repeat mode, the envelope only repeats when gate signal is presented to Gate In.

- The Hold switch holds the envelope voltage at the Sustain control level.  The Manual push button provides a momentary Sustain hold.



Model:  EM-201

Product SKU:   200-0201

Dimensions:  12 HP (3U)

Panel:  2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power:  +/-12V | 25 mA