LA Circuits - Suprematist

LA Circuits - Suprematist

  • $300.00

The EM-121 Suprematist Voltage Controlled LFO module functions as an audio frequency modulator, a low frequency modulator, or a supplementary sound source. It offers four individual waveform outputs for sine, triangle, square, ramp, saw, as well a unique Tsunami waveform.  The three-position switch selects the coarse range, and the frequency knob is used to adjust the oscillator tuning. 

Pulse width modulation may be adjusted using the PWM knob, which functions as an attenuverter.  The Linear CV input is used to externally control the low-frequency oscillator’s rate, and can be attenuated and inverted with the dedicated attenuverter.  The Sync In functions as a reset input, which creates a wide range of triggering effects depending on the applied secondary waveform. 



Model:  EM-121

Product SKU: 100-0121

Dimensions:  12 HP (3U)

Panel:  2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power:  +/-12V | 30 mA