LA Circuits - EM-601 Technicolor

LA Circuits - EM-601 Technicolor

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EM-601 Technicolor Solid State Reverb & Echo is a dynamic analog bucket-brigade reverberation and echo module, utilizing a special 3328-stage 6-tap bucket-brigade chip. The module consists of two modes: Concurrent and Discrete.

In Concurrent mode, the input signal is processed through 6 simultaneous BBD terminal taps. These internal tap networks have been designed to maximize natural reverberation effects.

In Discrete mode, the input signal is processed through a 3328-stage tap, thereby creating a warm delay line. The delay time ranges from 20 mS to approximately 250 mS.

The Clock Frequency control adjusts the reverb / delay time. This frequency may also be modified by applying a CV to the fixed or variable inputs within the Time Modulation section. Moreover, a CV applied to the variable input can be both attenuated and inverted using the corresponding knob. Modulation of the BBD Line using an external LFO can result in lovely chorus/vibrato effects—very similar to those found in vintage BBD pedals of the 1970s and 1980s.

Most analog delays using BBD suffer from a common “clock noise” problem. To prevent this issue from arising when utilizing the on-board clock, we have designed a unique filtering circuit with meticulous care that is highly resistant to noise.

The Feedback / Repeats knob adjusts the feedback from the module’s output to input. Unity is exceeded when the knob is turned clockwise by approximately 65%. When feedback approaches its maximum level, self-oscillation will occur.

The Blend knob provides mix control between the pure dry signal and the fully effected signal. When turned to zero, only the pure dry signal will be heard. When the Blend knob is turned to its maximum level, only the effected signal will be heard. The Blend control may also be modulated using the Blend CV input.



Model: EM-601

Product SKU: 600-0601

Dimensions: 14 HP (3U)

Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power: +/- 12V | 30 mA


1 year limited warranty with proof of purchase. Please note: Use of alternate IDC connectors, or modifications to your module may void your warranty.