LA Circuits - EM-406 Tomahawk

LA Circuits - EM-406 Tomahawk

  • $435.00

EM-406 Tomahawk is a dynamic four-stage OTA based phaser.

The module has controls for Sweep Rate, Phasing Amplitude, Notch Shift, Frequency Modulation, and Peak Emphasis.

The internal oscillator generates a unique type of Sine/ Hyper Triangular Waveform, which may be morphed using the waveshaper control knob.

The oscillator’s wave shape may also be externally modulated via CV input.

The Sweep Rate control sets the LFO's frequency -ranging from 0.2 Hz to 24 Hz.

Tomahawk’s phasing character ranges from gradual and thick phasing swells to rapid pulsating shifts.

The LFO's rate and polarity are displayed via LED indicators.

The Phasing Amplitude modifies the LFO's impact on the phase shift, thereby functioning as a phase depth attenuator.

Exponential Notch Shift modifies the frequency position of the phase notches. The phaser's frequency may also be externally modulated using the CV In: Freq input, and attenuated with the corresponding Frequency Modulation control knob.

Peak Emphasis modifies the phaser's resonance level. Setting this knob to its maximum level will cause the phaser to self-oscillate.

An external sweep oscillator may also be applied via the Ext. LFO In.


Model: EM-406

Dimensions: 12 HP (3U)

Material: 2 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power: +/- 12 V | 60 mA


1-Year Limited Warranty with Proof of Purchase.

Notice to customer: Please use the enclosed IDC connector. Problems arising from use of another connector will not be covered and may void your warranty. Modifications or alterations to your module will void your warranty. For assistance please contact