Laurentide Synthworks - Baal VCF

  • $279.00

At its core,this is the CA3080 OTA based filter that was in the
Original Rev-A version of the Octave Cat, before they switched to

The SSM2040. It has been adjusted for modular level. Theexpo-
Converteruses super-matched 3906’s and is temperature

Compensated For upwards of 5-octave tracking.

Additionally, there is a 4-pole output, as well as a 1-pole output.
These outputs are inverted from each other, so they can be mixed
Together for Bandpass.

18mA +15vdc
18ma -15vdc

Format: 5U/MU

Size: 1 MU space. 2.25” depth from panel front
Panel: anodized aluminum

Inputs:1 Audio(ac coupled), 1 CV (1v/oct), 1 CV with attenuation

Outputs:1  4-pole and 1  1-pole (inverted)