LEP - Multicassa

LEP - Multicassa

  • $325.00

3 x drum analog inc clock

Polyrhythmic Drum module

3x external audio out
1x ix audo out
3x cassation bass drum
with clock

internal or external

triger in
click out

supper raw! 1 analog drum sound

The Multicassa v2 is an electronic module for percussion sound an special efx.
Created by LEP laboratories , the Multicassa v2 module take inspiration from the cassa of leploop synth.

Multicassa v2 is a combination of two modules CASSA with different pitch setting, the first maintains the original pitch, the second increases the pitch to recreate the sound off high tom or snare drum.

TRIG MIX: the rhythm played by the Multicassa v2 is the sum of the two trig IN1 and IN2. The trig mix pot adjuste the mix between the two trig imput, great for create poly rhythms. IF only IN! of IN2 are plug the trig mix pot adjust the level of the trig in .
FEQUENCY: Adjuste the pitch of the sound, also effects the resonance.
RESONANCE: Adjust the resonance , ie the damping time of the case. Beyond a certain level the cassa go into permanent oscillation. The level at which the oscillation begins varies with frequency
Distrortion: Adjusts the level of signal distortion of cassa