Livewire Electronics - Dual Cyclotron: Complex Modulation Generator [Eurorack]

Livewire Electronics - Dual Cyclotron: Complex Modulation Generator [Eurorack]

  • $199.00

Manufacturer Description:
the net result of extensive research is the development of the livewire dual cyclotron oscillation machine.

due to the enigmatic nature of the source technology, the machine's functions are a bit difficult to explain. in general, one could think of it as a pair of non-concentric, asymmetrical low frequency semi-periodic resonators (or cyclotrons) controlling a subordinate pseudorandom voltage generator.

the subsequent output voltage which is produced can be used to modulate vcos, vcfs, vcas, or any other devices that is voltage controllable. the dual cyclotron can be adjusted for extremely long cycles producing slowly changing soundscapes evolving over long periods of time, or ultrahigh cycle rates for totally sick sideband oscillation.

every dual cyclotron oscillation machine is assembled under sterile laboratory conditions and undergoes thorough radiation decontamination prior to shipping.

this module has a maximum current draw of 60ma. it requires 28 hp/te space in a eurorack frame.