Lorre-Mill - Double Knot v3

  • $715.00

Lorre Mill Double Knot v3


New features:

- Powder coated bent aluminum encasement with silk screened graphics.

- New enveloper design now with velocity control and a zero crossing option.

- Zero crossing option as well as (lin/exp) envelope shape set by dip switches on the back.

- Two VCA/VCslew circuits. Mode selectable using dip switches on the back.

- Built-in soft clip circuit to lightly distort and squeeze the highest velocity envelope hits.

- Clock play/pause button.

- Toggle switches changed out for high reliability tactile switches.

- True and smooth stereo volume pot.

- Cool looking light pipes.

The Double Knot v3 is a small generative synthesizer with two voices and corresponding sequencers. This instrument has a simple architecture which is capable of a wide variety of sounds. Rhythms and drum patterns or textural and grating noise sounds. The interface is made up of knobs, switches, and banana plugs for patching. The two voices of this device each consist of a triangle/square wave oscillator, a shift register sequencer, an enveloper and a voltage controlled amplifier. To set the tempo of the shift registers there is a clock.

The Voices of the Double Knot are pre-wired, a linear chain of functional blocks. The patch points are available to route modulations that influence the simple linear voices. The game of this device is to investigate the relationships between the elements of the synth using the knobs, switches and patch-points.