Lorre-Mill - Keyed Mosstone

  • $535.00


The Keyed Mosstone is a one voice synthesizer. The voice of the synth is a triangle wave oscillator with a moss effect and wave folder. The envelope is a rise and fall type generator with sustain mode on or off. Inputs on the back are for CV and gate, and the unit is powered by a 12v adapter. A micro-keyboard of touch pads in the shapes of three dots and four rectangles allows the playing of notes and modulations. Pressing one or some of the three circle keys with your fingers selects a note and triggers the envelope. Top and bottom long bars are to offset the pitches of the three circle keys. The left bar is envelope loop, which patches end out and trigger in of the envelope. The right bar is a sample and hold key which outputs two random voltages. This is a stand-alone game about flavors of noise mixing with pure pitch, envelope modulations, and binary melody addressing. And if you don't feel like playing the game you can always just control the voice with your sequencer or keyboard from the CV and gate input.