Lower West Side Studio - CGS85 Serge Triple Wave Shaper [USED]

  • $280.00



This module is Ken Stone’s variation on the 1973 Classic Serge Triple Wave Shaper module.

To quote the 1982 catalog: The Triple Wave Shaper (TWS) is a non-linear modifier which can transform a sawtooth wave into a sine wave. This module incorporates three independent wave shapers for modifying synthesizer waveforms or for processing signals from preamplified instruments. Although originally designed as a wave shaper for our early oscillators, this module has been found to be a excellent modifier of electronic and acoustic sounds, and is highly recommended for subtle timbrel modifications beyond the range of simple oscillator/filter patches.

Each of the 3 channels supports a signal input with an attenuator.  There are 2 control voltage inputs and both AC and DC outputs.

Join switch connects the outputs of channels 2 and 3 back into channel 1 for some bizarre wave shaping potential.  Each individual output is still simultaneously available.

The CGS85 Serge Triple Wave Shaper comes in a 1U width.

The module operates at +/- 15V and comes with a MOTM style power connector.  Included is an MOTM to Synthesizers.com power connector adapter.