Make Noise - Dynamix

Make Noise - Dynamix

  • $170.00

DynaMix is a fast two-channel Low Pass Gate, dynamics manager and mixer, the core of which is derived from our 0-COAST
synthesizer. The Level parameter provides simultaneous voltage control over the Amplitude and Frequency content of audio
signals, operating as a VCF/A.

The DYNMC parameter accepts audio signals and converts them into a signal that may increase or
decrease the Level parameter thus allowing for side-chaining and ducking. The summing section is complete with an Auxiliary
Input allowing for the chaining of multiple MIX units (modDemix, Optomix and RxMx modules) to create large, non-centralized

The DynaMix is functionally similar to the Optomix LPG: a fundamental element in the sound of West Coast Synthesis. However,
rather than using the Vactrol component that gives the Optomix its characteristic “slow” sound, the DynaMix utilizes transistors in
a topology that has more in common with East Coast instruments. This combination of West Coast technique and East Coast
circuitry is No-Coast synthesis at its best, allowing the Low Pass Gate to be used in tandem with an extremely-important East
Coast synthesis circuit: the ADSR: a 4-stage Envelope generator we call CONTOUR.

As a VCA, the DynaMix has a fast Attack and Decay response, meaning that it turns on and off quickly, allowing for
highly-articulated transients. As a VCF, it is a mild, non-resonant Low Pass circuit, acting to gently reveal (or hide) the sharper
edges of a sound. The simultaneous loss in high frequency content and reduction in amplitude is similar to the natural loss of
energy in idio- and membranophonic instruments.

The DYNMC Input and associated Attenuverter provide a simple form of dynamics management as well as an additional
modulation destination that has a non-linear response that is distinct from that of the Level CV Input. When combined with the
Signal Input Drive and Level controls, there is great control over how signals are combined.