Doepfer - MAQ 16/3 Blue LEDs

Doepfer - MAQ 16/3 Blue LEDs

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Manufacturer Description:

This unit has Blue LED's and the latest OS!

Fans of vintage analog sequencers will be glad to meet the maq16/3. it combines the creative potential of an analog sequencer with the advantages of midi. maq16/3 outputs the sequencing data both as control voltages (cv) and as midi events. midi out of the maq may be connected to midi in of any sound generating midi device (expander, sampler,
synthesizer) or to a sequencer recording the maq data. additionally 3 control voltage and gate outputs are available for controlling vintage synthesizer equipment (e.g. the a-100 analog modular system).

the main feature of the maq is the real time access to the sequence via 48 rotary potentiometers grouped in 3 rows of 16 dials each. all important parameters like first/last step, midi event type, midi channel, forward/backward/random/pendulum mode, gate time,tempo and so on are independently assigned to each row and can be changed in real time while the sequence is running. this enables very complex sequences.the rows may not only be used for generating note events but also other important midi events or for controlling the length of time for each step. of course the maq allows the synchronisation via midi clock, start and stop either as master or as slave.


sequencer with analog control like vintage analog sequencers with simultaneous midi and cv/gate output

3 rows of 16 dials and leds each

grey 19-inch rack-mount unit 4u dimensions: about 480 x 177 x 110 mm weight: about 3 kg

assignable midi-events and midi-channels for the 3 rows:

* note on/off

* velocity

* controller 0-19, 64-74, 84, pitchbend, aftertouch (mono and poly)

* program change (for dynamic sound change)

* midi channel of another row (for dynamic sound change)

* transposition of another row

* gate time (length of time for this column)

* first/last step of each row can be limited by user

* midi channel of each row selectable

for each of the 3 rows the following parameters are set separately:

* running mode : forward / backwards / pendulum / one shot / random

* triggering advance to next step with external midi note trigger (instead of permanently running clock)

* first / last step

* clock dividing factor (i.e. separate tempo for each row)

* midi channel

transposition via incoming note on events possible

serial operation for the rows possible (i.e. one row is running after the other), even mixed operation possible: e.g. 2 rows serial + 1 row parallel

external midi synchronization (via incoming midi clock/ start/ stop messages) or internal synchronization (maq transmits midi clock/start/ stop generated by the maq)

simultaneous output of the sequence data as midi and cv/gate

3 cv and gate outputs (3.5 mm jack sockets on the rear panel)

cv outputs: 1v/octave standard, range: 5 octaves (absolute voltage about + 0.3 ...+ 5.3v, i.e. about 0.3v offset voltage)

gate outputs: gate voltage selectable between 0/+5v and 0/+8v by means of a jumper inside the device (voltage trigger ! not switched-trigger, modification for switched-trigger see faq). factory setting: +8v

midi out, midi in (no merge function, only for external midi synchronization and remote control messages)

remote control of important maq parameters (e.g. first/last step, mode, event type, mute step, mute row and so on) via incoming midi program change or note events (no sysex necessary)

muting of single steps or complete rows via incoming midi program change and note events

30 sequence memories (presets)