Matthias Fuchs - Vintage FX

  • $85.00

Vintage FX

Close encounters with 68 classic studio effects devices from the days of yore


In a truly unique fashion, this coffee-table book showcases 68 vintage studio effects devices from more than five decades of music production: Beautifully packaged, it presents legendary studio standards, technical milestones, and exquisitely rare odd birds. Terrific photographs and comprehensive documentation deliver a plethora of facts you need to know about history, technology, and sonic potential of the devices presented.


  • - a selection of 68 studio effects devices from legendary manufacturers such as Eventide, Lexicon, Roland, AMS, EMT, Publison, Dynacord, AKG, MXR, Ursa Major and many more
  • - 296 full-colour pages, printed on high-quality photo paper
  • - more than 350 full-colour illustrations
  • - format 11“ x 11“ / 28 x 28 cm
  • - embossed hardcover
  • - plenty of statements from artists and manufacturers
  • - foreword written by Eventide's President, Anthony Agnello
  • - written and edited by Matthias Fuchs, specialised journalist and expert on vintage gear
  • - in English language
  • - website with additional demos
  • - ISBN 978-3-00-071588-4



Anthony Agnello, President of Eventide Audio Division, Inc., wrote:

“This book is a work of passion and dedication. It's an encyclopedia. It's a reference. I am gobsmacked at the amount of detail included for each of his subjects...”