Meng Qi - Crackle Box Toy

  • $50.00

The Crackle Box is a creaky-squeaky noise synthesizer. For playing the instrument, there are six touch surfaces. Results sound somewhat like an electronic rodent. Thanks to battery operation and an integrated speaker, the Crackle Box can be played anywhere. For “professional” use, there is a mini jack output. – A great gift for small as well as big children!


The Crackle Box was originally developed by Michel Waisvisz at the Studio voor ElektroInstrumental Muziek (STEIM) in the Netherlands. The model offered by Meng Qi differs only in its design. – This version is more compact and has a rough steam-punk look. Six touch surfaces are available for playing the instrument. Power is supplied by a 9V battery. (Not included.) A speaker and a 1/8 inch connector emit sound.