Meng Qi - Lines

  • $165.00

The Lines is a matrix router, which can be “played” via metal springs. Incoming signals are routed and split by the touch of your fingers. Fixed voltage sources make it possible to use the module as a CV generator. Thanks to a diagonal output layout, the Lines’ results are often surprising.


The Lines is equipped with four input channels. Using metal springs, you can make contact with the underlying touch surfaces, which results in signal routings. The outputs feature a diagonal layout. Thanks to this, all kinds of happy accidents occur. You can split signals by routing them to several outputs at the same time. Bi-colored LEDs visualize the module’s work.

As long as the inputs stay unpatched, they are normalized to a fixed voltage:

  • Channel 1 and 3: +5 V
  • Channel 2 and 4: -5 V